Wednesday, June 17, 2009


School has kept me very, very busy lately.  This semester I have been taking Physiology (lecture and lab) and Math 1050, both in 8 weeks... It really has been like a fire hose in the mouth for me, but I have loved it.  I didn't really realize how much I love to do math!  My personality is one that loves to see things cut and dry (yes I know math is complicated with imaginary numbers and what not, but I still see it as cut and dry).  I really do like doing math problems though, and I've gotten to do a lot of them lately.  I just took my 2nd test and got an 80% on it, which I wasn't too happy about... I completely forgot how to complete a square and there were two problems that required that formula.  Although, when I found out that the highest score in my class was a 40%, that made me feel pretty good about myself.  Hopefully I can get an A in the class, even though it won't matter because it's a pass/fail grade since I'm doing it through BYU.

Physiology is a lot different than math...  I had human anatomy imprinted into my brain so well from taking the class and being a student aid, so I thought Physiology would be a breeze... I was so freaking wrong.  This class is moving at lightning speed, and I'm trying to remember everything about nerve depolarization, how muscles are innervated, why the heart conducts it's own nervous impulses, which endocrine organs secrete what hormones, and what those hormones do, how blood flows, pressure gradients, osmosis, diffusion, simple diffusion, macromolecules, proteins etc etc etc!!!  It's quite a thing... the human body.  I love it though, I relish in learning how our blasted bodies work and I'm amazed, absolutely amazed every time I learn something new.  Evolution throughout the last millions and millions of years have made us into a very well oiled machine (which I'm sure was God's design, right?)

I feel very lucky to have the chance to attend school, and I thank my wife for working so hard so I can.  

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  1. holy cow Mikey! you are certainly taking on alot of school, what is it that you are wanting to major in when your done? I hope things are going well for you and Kim and that you both can stay sane while you get through school=) good thing your so stinkin smart! love ya