Friday, June 19, 2009


Ah, 1:19 AM. I just finished going over my lectures on the respiratory system. I feel like I've got a pretty good understanding now. I've learned some interesting things that changed what I thought I knew about breathing. For example: did you know that it's not our need for O2 that drives our breathing, but our need to rid ourselves of CO2! I never knew that. Of course, we need oxygen, but it's carbon dioxide that drives our breathing.

Kimberly and I went on our nightly walk tonight. It feels so good to get out with her and see the sights around our beautiful town of Spanish Fork. We like to walk to the old pioneer cemetery that overlooks the river bottoms. It's really one of the most beautiful views that's nearby. We have mountains (pronounce that with a sharp "t" if you can hahahaha), big fields, we can see the Krishna temple in the distance, big trees, chirping birds and colorful flowers. It's really lovely, interesting what we could possibly be missing right out of our front door. I love walking and talking with Kimberly. We have so much fun together and she makes me laugh a lot. Lately we've been closely analyzing and critisizing the houses we walk by. This one house that we call the "mummy house" (because the brick makes it look like it's wrapped like a mummy) just got concrete lion statue that looks ridiculous, but it's fun to walk by and smack him on the butt.

I've been listening to Boysetsfire lately (right now I'm listening to Boys like girls haha). Anyway, I saw Boysetsfire a long time ago, probably 2002 or 2003, around there. That concert was amazing and I've been a big fan ever since (funny, I went to see the Hope Conspiracy and left a fan of a different band). I'm ranting because it's late, but I feel that they have some really inspiring lyrics that really open my eyes and mind to the world. I love it. Just a couple of samples I guess:

"Walk Astray"

Our dreams are their worst nightmares, these songs a call to arms
we can dance on the graves that held us, we can change the course of time
stand up and fight, save yourself,
strike, the time is now
you and me, we are more like sheep,
forced to march crippled feet to the slaughter
I’ll stand on principle, banner lifted and a fist raised high
Filthy soul with a patriot heart, dancing rhythms in a world apart
But you and me, we can live like thieves
on the dreams that we stole from their fears
Casting pearls before swine, hanging dead on the vine
Can we strive to be so much more then this?
… to the slaughter

Management VS Labor

Sacrifice, did it really mean that much to them?
As it was killing you
They’ve locked you out after all that you have done for them
You toil yet they profit more
Save yourself today in tearing down the design that they built with our hands
Struggle by to feed your kids while theirs grow fat, privileged and disdained
They’ve bled you dry
Until all that’s left of you is sold to build their paradise
What have we worked for we’ve been scraping by for all our lives
Only to find that we’re left behind
We’ll own our own time and give you nothing in return
Our next meal will come from your table
So our lives can become something more
Than what you buy and sell
America will be reborn

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