Tuesday, September 29, 2009

City of Blinding Lights

I'm listening to that song right now. Always reminds me of my wife and a lot of our memories together. I went and visited my Grandma on Sunday and she told me that she always checks to see if I've updated this and obviously I haven't. This is mostly due to my computer being constantly on the fritz and now it happens to be working. Yay!

I'm back in school. I got a 4.0 over the summer, which got me a letter from someone at UVU congratulating me (ummm woo hoo.. ). Currently I'm taking Organic Chemistry I, Ecology and Genetics with labs in Genetics and O-Chem. That's 12 credits I believe. I love my classes and my professors.

I start my new job today! I got hired on to be a tutor here at the UVU tutor lab. I'll be helping people with Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy mostly, but I can work with the other science classes too. I'm a little nervous but excited. This will be a good opportunity for me to keep up on my knowledge and skills, plus get some leadership and teaching opportunities (not to mention a little dough on the side).

Jason recieved his call to serve in Resestencia, Argentina! I'm really excited for him. He's going to be great. I'm jealous in a way because life as a missionary, although it can be stressful, depressing, maddening and downright hard, nothing beats it. It's an experience unlike any other and it will change his life. Good luck Jason.

I just read The Magicians Elephant, which was amazing! I love all of Kate Dicamillos books. I'm currently reading Collapse by Jared Diamond.

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